Personal Testimony
Accepted Lord Jesus as personal savior in 1982.
Water Baptism on 16th Jan 1982.
Holy Sprit Baptism 23rd Jan 1982.
In 1980, was dying with Cholera, there was no hope, my whole family were crying for my life, my parents was taking me in different doctors & in hospitals, but day by day I was losing my health, my two brothers were Elders in the church, but I never go to church or taken part in any church activates, so on 12 April 1980, my elder brother lead me to Christ & I repent from my sins, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ, so on that spot Jesus healed me in a wonderful way then I got water baptism & then Lord filled me with His Holy spirit , so in the age of 18 I gave my heart to Jesus, so day and night I improved my health. The I prayed hard to know the will of God to join the Bible school, and then in 1981, I joined the Bible School and Graduate in 1984. From that day I am serving the Lord day & night.
Ministerial Trainings
Three Year Pastoral Training
New life Training Center (Bible School), in Lahore, Pakistan. 1981- 84
Christian Leadership Trainings
Haggai Leadership Training Maui, Hawaii, USA.1995
Christian Leadership Trainings course. Petra Collage South Africa. 1999
Christian Leadership Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2000
International Leadership Institute, GA, USA. (Christian Leadership Trainings 2001)

Staff of CPCM

Pastor Hammed Bhatti, Gen, Secretary
Pastor Rachel Mahana, Sunday school Director
Pastor Rubina Yaqub, Director Women’s Ministry
Pastor Saleem Nazir, Director Hope Film Ministry 
Pastor Nadeem Victor, National Coordinator for Solid Rock Bible Colleges.
Pastor Asher John, Director My Neighbor Project.
Pastor Sarfraz Bhatti,Director Crusades & Conventions and Seminars
Pastor Shahzad Gill, Director Adult Education & Swing Center, water pump installation
Pastor Zeshahan, Director Christian Youth Computer Center. Mrs. Summra Hameed, Director Poor Christian children schools

Our Coordinators in Pakistan for Unity and Leadership

Names of Coordinator

Name of the District

1-Rev.Sarfaraz Bhatti & Rev. Shahzad Gill


2-Rev. Philip Ditt


3-Rev. John William


4-Pastor Sarfarz Rahmat

Karachi, Southern Pakistan.

5-Rev. Warus Zaffer  


6-Pastor Saleem Boota

Mirpur Khas

7-Pastor Yaqub Nasir  


8-Rev. Pastor Shahbaz


9-Bishop Rahmat Masih


10-Rev.Younis Shahd


11-Rev.Nasir  Masih

Mardan, Northern Pakistan

12-Rev. Shahkar


13- Pastor Qasir Shahzad Bhatti


14-Ev. Boota Masih

Nawabshah, Sindh

15- Pastor Salaman

Magala Dam

16-Pastor Shakeel


17-Pastor.Robin Bashir

Ummer Kot, Sindh

18-Rev.Samuel Shamon


19-Fazal Masih


20-Pastor Shahid Gauri




22.Pastor Imran Raza Mahamand Anency
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